Friday, July 9, 2010

The Importance of Water Quality to Public Health and Individuals

The question why water quality critical to public health and Individual mentioned by many people. Drinking pure source water is an issue of concern for people's health in developing and developed countries throughout the world.

The importance of water and human beings' health.
The wonder of why is water quality so important to a person's long-term health has to do with different things. The human body is primarily a bag of fluids. Water is essential to the mechanics of the human body. Our bodies cannot work without having it just like a car cannot run without gas and oil. In the fact that, all the cell and organ functions made up in our entire anatomy and physiology depend on water for their functioning. Water serves to alleviate constipation by moving food through the intestinal tract and thereby eliminating waste- the best detox agent as a lubricant; forms the base of saliva and fluids that surround the joins. Water regulates the temperature of our body and metabolism.

In addition to that, water is the daily maintenance of our bodies; moreover water plays a key part in the prevention of disease. Drinking nearly 1 little of water daily can decrease the risk of colon cancer by 45%, bladder cancer by 50% and it can potentially even reduce the risk of breast cancer.

Since water is such a key component to our physiology, it would make sense that the quality of the water must be just as critical as the quantity. Drinking water must always be pure and free of contaminants to ensure individuals health and wellness.

According to Clean Water Action, the recent news and reports show that in the U.S. Most contaminated taps are not safe for drinking due to heavy industrial and environmental pollution. Hence, approximately 40 percent of rivers fail to meet pure water standards, and an estimated 7 million Americans be sick yearly from impure tap water, toxic bacteria, chemicals and heavy metals routinely penetrate and pollute our natural water sources and nearly 6 million individuals die of waterborne or water-related diseases through out the world.

A good water filtration system set up in your home is the only way to actively monitor and ensure the quality and safety of your drinking water. Pure source 2 water filter systems can remove 90-99% of all contaminants from city and well water to deliver healthy drinking water for you and your family.

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