Thursday, July 15, 2010

PhD in Public Health to Keep in Shape

If you are currently employed in an environment which focuses on public health, obtaining a PhD in Public Health certainly gives you potential for a jumpstart in your career. Since numerous institutions offer this degree as a form of online education, you do not need to forsake your current job and paycheck. Being a doctorate degree, financial aid or funding opportunities may be more easily obtained from governmental sources or the institution itself.

Typical of any doctorate program, a student is required to conduct research and analysis in the areas of interest leading to his thesis. Public health offers a vast area for address as students can opt to delve further into epidemiology and discover factors which affect the health and ailments of a population. Community health is also an interesting area of study as geographical elements wield some form of influence over the health of its residents. Whether it is due to lackadaisical attitude or actual lack in educational opportunities, health education and promotion is a subject which needs to be more projected into the population to reduce or even eliminate certain health issues. Occupational health is also drawing attention from various quarters as work-related health issues are more evident. They display themselves in physical, mental as well as psychological attributes. It is essential to address these problems as down time easily translates into sick days and financial loss for employers.

A major part in getting a PhD in Public Health is the research work. To deliver effective healthcare service to the public, health policies need to be developed to address current and future needs. Having a short term goal will not address health issues and may cause detrimental effect. Effective management and implementation of health policies is essential to ensure desired results are achieved. As part of the process of enriching public health, health education and promotion are best for implementation as many health issues can be avoided if the public is sufficiently educated on the do's and don'ts. Prevention is better than cure.

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